"At this point in our society's evolution I feel we are searching for a sense of oneness that is greater than the individual. As the world becomes ever smaller under the expanding, powerful eye of the electronic media we need to have images that remind us of our own truth, our own power and our own creativity. We must arrive at an ecumenical destination where soul sense and common sense come together.

The Spiritual realm is larger than any single religion can lay claim to. Art created to reflect this universal consciousness can be a living message in a troubled time. It can reveal an invisible, non-refutable source of inspiration, separate from the logic of this society's commodity-driven bottom line.

My art reflects the myths which speak to mankind's spiritual potential. Wassily Kandinsky refers to it as the prophetic force which radiates from faraway and deep down...Joseph Campbell, the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos...Carl Jung, archetypes; the primordial energies which underlie human consciousness. It is my intent to imbue my art with that inner life that can be felt as a sense of soul often seen as an ascending figure, forever going forward and upward.

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