Mom was beautiful inside and out. She had charisma like no one I have ever met. She was the life of the party and accepted anyone as a potential friend.

 She was a true Irish lass who liked cigarettes, whiskey and dancing on tables in bars. She also loved the sun and the beach where she would gather shells and share them with us.






July 4, 1922 - January 26, 2006 

"One foot on the ground and one foot in the air."


She taught all her children and grandchildren how to gamble and was particularly fond of 99 as the game could include everyone both young and old.

A regular mother she was not but who needs homebaked cookies when you can learn the joie de vivre by the side of a pro. She will never be forgotten because her love of life and people has been placed in all the hearts of those who knew her.

I love you Mom and I will miss you so much.