The Author & Illustrator

Mary Jane and daughter, Auriel

Mary Jane Overall and her daughter Auriel currently live in Tucson, Arizona after spending 15 years in Australia's Northern Territory. Mary Jane also has a son named Adrian who lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his partner Sheri. Before moving to Australia, Mary Jane traveled a lot because of her father's work. She lived in places like Morocco in Africa; Paris, France; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Katmandu, Nepal. Living in these countries has given Mary Jane a lot of ideas for her work.

Mary Jane has always loved art and for many years she worked as a printmaker and a weaver. She has had a lot of exhibitions of both her weavings and prints. Click here to see one of her weavings.

Mary Jane has also done a lot of work in video and when she first came to Australia she began producing videos with and about the Aborigines. While she was doing this work, she got to travel all over Australia visiting remote areas and meeting some very special people. Click here to see a VRML of a spot near her home. Move your mouse around to really see it all!

Mary Jane has spent a lot of time studying about art and she wrote, "Camille's Fakes" because she thought a lot of kids would find it as interesting as she does. We hope you do!


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