Jacki Fleet

The phenomena of our physical and spiritual existence, especially our connection to land and country, are the fundamentals around which my work has evolved.



Earlier works explored the rhythms and seasonal changes of Northern Australia, through expresive landscape painting which used a darkened palette to create an unsettling atmosphere devoid of human presence.

Through following works the vertical form of the termite mound introduced a sense of human presence.Then a series of narrative works were developed using the angel/insect motif derived from the white ant and its habits as a metaphor for human existence.




"The Big Termite Mound"



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"Untitled" (Click on picture to see a bigger picture)


Rain Dance"



This motif became the substance for the latest series of work which uses a mandala-like format to explore the optical effects of rhythm and frequency, layering, transparency, and a sense of visual pitch or sound. This "pulse" created in the works is felt in the vast regions of the Kimberley and the Northern Territory, as the powerful spiritual presence of a timeless land and its people. A pulse present in all forms of life, from the structure of an atom, to a heartbeat, the flutter of a wing, the rhythm of the ocean, the life cycle of animate form, and the cyclical changes in nature.


 The Pulse Series


"One Thousand Souls"


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"Soul Theatre" an installation produced for Sculpture By the Sea, Darwin Esplanade 1998 by Jacki Fleet and Mollie Kerby.


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