Here's What Some Kids Say About Camille's Fakes

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This is Alana Colton who will read an exerpt from the book.

"I think the pictues looked great! My pictures would never look the same. I think the best part was when Camille and her Mom found out that the thieves were selling the pictures."

"I thought it was a really good story. I liked the illustration that Mary Jane drew. I liked it because it was very interesting and I like art a lot!" Amanda

"The pictures were excellent. I liked it. My feelings for the book were happy. My pictures wouldn't be the same."

"I thought the Illustrations were really good. I liked some parts and some parts I didn't. I thought the book was ok because some of the bits I thought it didn't go and some of it was really good. I could never drawa like that."

"I thought it was a very good book. You should keep on writing. My favorite part was when the fake did the trick on Recow and Shorty." Maria

"I thought this book was a little bit boring. The good thing I liked about this book was when they tricked Recoe and Shorty. The thing that was a bit boring was when they were in Paris." Kym

"I think it is a very good book and the illustrations are good. I like it because of the pictures and the way it was wrote." Sam

"I thought it was a grat book the art was amasin it was a very intrst story I can't wait to read the next book I liked it because it is exiting and cool"

"I thought it was a pretty good because there is so many pictures and it was so real at the beginning I thought it was a non fiction book. It was a great book!"

"I really liked the book camilles fakes. I thout the illoustrations were exilent. I liked the book becaus it was good and I like art."

"I really liked Camille's Fakes. I thought it was a great book. I liked it because of all the pictures in the book and the story line was cool."

" I thought it was a good book but I didn't like the pictures much. I liked it becuae it was intresting."

"I thought that the book was good. I liked the bit where Camille tricks the con artists. I liked it because she was a great artist." Teagan

"I really really liked the book. It was exciting. My favorite part was when she made the fake." Lillian

"I liked the book Camille's Fakes but I thought it was a bit boring because I didn't understand it."

"I think the book is really good. The pictures are excellent and they really make the book but still the ideas were really good."

"I think Camille's Fakes was a good book althought maybe to serious and too many big words for younger kids. For ages 7 and over a fabulous book expressing the meaning of art." Shannon age 9

"I think the book was really good and I really enjoyed it, and the Illustrations were great. I liked it because it was really fascinating how Camille made those fake pictures."

"I thought the book was intresting and funny. Art is a good subject for the story. The pictures were very good" Petros

"I thought the book was ok but I like the illustrations. They were great but I wish they could have kept the name Richhead instead of Rico." Auriel

"I thought it was ok and the pictures were pretty good and the names I liked."

"I thought the book was great. My favorite part was when Camille had tricked the thieves. Her illustations was the best. Mary Jane had put alot of effort into her book. I liked the book because I don't know it was just great."


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