Christian Ramilo

Christian (Bong) Ramilo is a 3community cultural development worker2 who has used music, photography, theatre, poetry, and other ways of working with various groups of people to change the way things are. He would like to be known as a cultural activist (or organiser-agitator) because he is committed to actions that impact on culture in ways that benefit and are determined by oppressed communities. He is very interested in cyber-activism or resistant media, in how the internet/cyberspace can be an arena for cultural action. Often, however, he would just like to write good songs about life, love, and struggle. He was born in the Philippines and was active poltically and artistically against the Marcos dictatorship, had to migrate hurriedly to Australia in 1986 because of his political-artistic activities, and has continued similar activities since then. He now lives in Darwin after spending too many years in Sydney.

Contact: Mobile phone 041 333 2410, email: -- Christian (Bong) Ramilo


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