Josephine Wilson

Josephine Wilson is a Perth based writer. Her practice embraces several forms, including on-line hypertext, criticism, fiction and performance. A recent on-line collaboration, Cipher, with Linda Carroli, will be launched in September 1999. In 1997 she participated in a virtual residency, Water Always Writes in *Plural, with Brisbane writer Linda Carroli. This project was initiated by The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), and the Electronic Writing Ensemble. Her performance work includes The Geography of Haunted Places and Two Valeries (both with Erin Hefferon); and Customs, commissioned by The Theatre of Desire. She is currently completing a novel as part of a Masters at the University of Queensland.

EXTRACT: I am not alone. What does it mean to write in the electronic age? What can an on-line environment offer writers struggling to form communities? Taking my own experience as a starting point, I will outline the outstanding benefits and very real challenges to writers that the internet can provide.





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