Rachel Dixon

Following a career as an award-winning filmmaker, Rachel has been a developer, publisher and marketer of interactive media since 1993, when she formed the New Media Division of the national film and television house, Film Australia.

After a year working for a San-Francisco-based startup that didn't, she made an ill-considered move to be Head of Marketing with the Australian Multimedia Enterprise. In early 1997 Rachel formed Handshake Media Pty Ltd, one arm of which is a consultancy advising on strategic development and marketing in new media, I.T. and telecommunications. She currently advises several publishers, developers and government agencies.

Rachel has published one book and several chapters in anthologies on the business of interactive media, and is a frequent speaker on technology and culture at seminars and conferences in Australia and the USA. With the production arm of Handshake Media Rachel is also still active in feature film production, having just sold one feature to Showtime and with others in development with Southern Star and international partners.

Rachel Dixon Handshake Media Pty Ltd 80 Kingston Road Camperdown NSW 2050 Australia ph: +61 2 9550 1403 | fx: +61 2 9550 1405


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