Sally Pryor


Sally Pryor will discuss her involvement in "New Media Arts" (computer graphics/animation, CD-ROMs, web sites etc), showing excerpts from her own and other artists' work. Themes to be discussed include creative struggles, crossing cultures, high and low technologies, interface, interactivity, audio, audience and gender. Sally will conclude with her current work-in-progress exploring the early histories of writing systems and the human-computer interface

BIOGRAPHY Sally Pryor is a pioneering digital artist/programmer/animator and independent multimedia developer with an eclectic background including biochemistry, computer analysis/programming and 3D computer animation. After starting off as a biochemist, Sally began working with computers in '79. In '83 she retrained as one of Australia's earliest 3D computer animators, making her 3D film Dream House, the first Australian work selected for the prestigious SIGGRAPH screenings in the USA ('84). After working as a commercial computer animator in the USA and Australia, Sally switched to desktop computers and an exploration of art, technology, subjectivity, the body and gender. Sally was actively involved in the early days of the Australian Art and Technology scene, exhibiting, lecturing, writing and encouraging the development of digital art and greater involvement of women with technology. Sally left Australia in 1992 to spend time in Tunisia, which led to the production of her internationally award-winning CD-ROM, Postcard From Tunis (see For a number of years she lectured in computing and multimedia at the University of Technology, Sydney. In 1998 she left UTS to concentrate on artistic productions and currently hold a two year New Media Arts Fellowship from the Australia Council. Physically, she has just moved her home/studio from Sydney to Ballarat, in rural Victoria. Sheep are starting to sneak into her current work-in-progress, As I May Write!


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