Shuddha is from the Raqs media collective and Sarai new media initiative in Delhi, India, and presented at the next5minutes3 conference in amsterdam earlier this year . He could do a presentation about Sarai , also, some present on thoughts on the way in which the internet was used in the Kargil war between India and Pakistan for spreading anti war messages. this became very imprtant in a climate where the mainstream media went berserk with militarist and nationalist hysteria. Also, there is a web based project that Raqs media Collective) are working on with friends in France called 'polylog'. It is at its initial stages and lots of ideas are germinating . The project involves creating an open website where we will be developing our doubts and questions about the way identities and the cultural politics of identities impinge on our lives at an everyday level. I could do a brief preliminary presentation of this project and inivte people to comment.

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