Sue McCauley

Sue McCauley is currently coordinating the Digital Arts program for the Next Wave Festival which will take place in May 2000. In 1999 Sue McCauley produced "The Gounge" website for the Australian Film Commission's StuffArt project. She has worked on this project with Aboriginal artist Donna Brown.

In 1997, she was employed as the Training and Production Manager at Arthouse, Multimedia Centre for the Arts, Dublin, Ireland. In this position, her key responsibilities were building an effective and income generating department for the company, establishing a European reputation for excellence in creative production, research and training, developing a network of multimedia and audio and video streaming projects with European television and radio broadcasters, winning government contracts for the organisation and being part of the management team of the company.

In 1998, Sue McCauley consulted in strategic business development for the interactive and communications sector, creative production management, and web development. She selected the works and edited the international marketing catalogue of Australian digital art called "Digital Australia 1999, for the Australian Film Commission and Experimenta Media Arts. This catalogue and exhibition of the selected work will be launched by the Australian Film Commission at MILIA, Cannes, France in February 1999.

From 1994 -6, she was Chief Executive Officer for TEAME, the national industry training company specialising in developing and delivering traineeships in the media, arts and entertainment industries. This company established nationally accredited, industry supported traineeship programs for the multimedia sector. It also developed pilot distance education programs using CD ROM's and internet services. In 1996, she conducted a best practice study in training for the multimedia industry. This research work has been used in the formulation of the approach to providing training to boost the skillbase for the interactive media and other media sectors in Australia.

In 1990-91 she established the Marketing and Promotions Department for the ABC at Radio Australia. In this management position, she dealt with an international listenership of many millions of people. Her role was to develop strategic programming concepts and business opportunities for the station. She managed Radio Australia's promotional campaigns for its shortwave service in the Asia- Pacific region. She has worked as a multi media producer, radio journalist, and film maker.

She has produced and directed films in China and Tibet. She produced multimedia interactive kiosks for a Museum of Tasmania and Museum of Victoria Antarctica exhibition. As research for this project she visited Casey Base as a guest of the Australian Antarctic Expedition Program.

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