Frank (Basho) Fejo


Yep, thats me,a LARRAKIYA man, from the top end creating Centralian Aboriginal Art on Computer.

I started doing this type of art around the middle of 1997 after I had finished doing the Introduction to Computer Operations Courses with ASSET TRAINING in Alice Springs. The type of art work that I do, is based on the Traditional Dot paintings done on canvas with Brush and Paints by the local Aboriginal Artists of the Alice Springs Area.

With me its ; OLD TRADITION with NEW TECHNOLOGY. the easy way.
It has been SUGGESTED that I am the FIRST Aboriginal Artist in the N.T. to use this new technology,but in my own mind I dont think so, I reckon there are other Aboriginal Artists doing the same thing as I am, probably better.

I have been living in Alice Springs since 1994, I had a triple bypass Operation in 1996 and in mid 1997 I took up the challenge of this NEW TECHNOLOGY.ha ha. BUT, without the HELP , Advice and the Encouragement to KEEP going from good friends such as Mr Dave Hurling of Asset Training , Mr Trevor Van Werren of QANTM and Mr Ron Brien of DESART,
I dont know where or what Id be doing to-day?. THANKS YOU GUYS. Frank (Basho) FEJO.

:::ooo000 BashArt. 000ooo:::

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