Helen Simondson

Helen Simondson has worked as an arts practioner for many years with undergraduate qualifications in Theatre and Dance from Deakin University Rusden and Post graduate qaulifications in Film and TV from Victorian College for the Arts. Her practical work in performing arts and film has included work with Australian Opera, Victoria State Opera, Sydney dance Company, Dance North and Palybox Theatre and Australian and international festivals and events. Her graduating dance film was screened both nationally and internationally. Prior to her commencement as PAML Project Manager at Cinemedia, Helen project managed MICRODANCE a partnership between the Australia Council, Australian Film Commission the ABC which resulted in a series of four dance on screen programs created and screened on the ABC.


The Performing Arts Mulitmedia Library (PAML) Pilot Project The PAML Pilot Project was jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian State Governments through the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Multimedia Victoria and Cinemedia. The project has assisted in the creation of digital works comprising new performing arts material by four selected Victorian performing arts companies: Arena Theatre, Chunky Move Dance Company, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Not Yet Its Difficult (NYID) performance group. The production process provided a 'test-bed' to explore the legal and intellectual property issues surrounding the production and distribution of performing arts products in the digital environment. As part of the pilot project the selected companies created a broadcast quality digital recording of a live performance in their 1998 season. From this recording they created a range of further digital products including virtual choreography through CD ROM, interactive composition via the Internet, and documentary broadcast as a means of translating live performance to screen. The works were delivered over mutliple paltforms including new broadband and delivery on demand systems. The pilot project was an exciting initiative which explored many important copyright, marketing and production issues. The presentation highlights the products created by the companies and shares the participating companies findings and insights. Rights clearances, managing moral rights and analysising methods of payment in the digital ages are covered in the presentation.



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